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2020-04-05 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Lord's Day 49

When praying for God's will to be done,
we pray for grace to:
1) Deny our will
2) Carry out our duties

2020-04-05 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Matthew 21:1-11

See, your King comes to you!
1) He comes on a donkey
2) He stirs up a city

2020-03-29 PMPastor I Borst
Passage: LD 48

The King teaches us to pray for his kingdom to come
We pray for:
1) Kingdom rule
2) Kingdom increase
3) Kingdom fulfillment

2020-03-29 AMPastor I Borst
Passage: Matthew 20:19-34

What do you want me to do for you?
1) Jesus asks a mother
2) Jesus asks two blind men

2020-03-22 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: LD 47

In the first petition we pray for knowledge and love that
leads to praise.
1) Knowledge and love going hand in hand
2) Knowledge and love leading to praise

2020-03-22 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Psalm 4

In his prayer for relief, David finds confidence in God. His
prayer includes
1) a call for help
2) a call for repentance
3) a call to trust

2020-03-15 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Psalm 131

Begin your prayer with childlike reverence and trust

1) Address GOd as Father
2) Address God as heavenly Father

2020-03-15 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Matthew 8: 23 - 9: 1

What kind of man is this? Jesus shows us who he is
in two rescues

1) He rescues his disciples
2) He rescues two demon-possessed men

2020-03-08 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: LD 45

Prayer 101
1) Why we pray
2) How we pray
3) What we pray

2020-03-08 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Mathew 8: 18 - 34

The cost of discipleship
1) Discipleship requires dealing with hardship
2) Discipleship requires urgency

2020-03-01 PMRev. J. Roosma
Passage: Genesis 19: 27-38

The amazing grace of God is seen most clearly in the
most depraved situation

1. Sin
2. Grace
3. Providence

2020-03-01 AMRev. J. Roosma
Passage: Genesis 19:26

We are called to run away from sin and run to Christ

1. Flee from sin
2. Flee to Christ
3. Pursue righteousness

2020-02-23 PMRev. Wm. denHollander
Passage: Luke 2: 22-24

Find rest in knowing the law-keeping Jesus

1) Jesus' presentation
2) Mary's purification
3) our perfection

2020-02-23 AMRev. Wm. denHollander
Passage: Luke 1: 1-4

Know Jesus with certainty

2020-02-16 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: LD 44

Keep God's law with all your heart.
1) No coveting
2) No perfection
3) No giving up

2020-02-16 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Matthew 8: 14-17

Jesus carries our diseases to give us life.

2020-02-09 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: LD 43

Honour God and your neighbour with your speech
1) Don't speak to break down
2) But speak to build up

2020-02-09 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Mathew 8: 5 13

Great faith and a great miricle in an unlikely place
1) The centurion's faith
2) Jesus' miraculous healing

2020-02-02 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Lord's Day 42

In the eighth commandment God commands right

1) He forbids greed
2) He commands generosity


2020-02-02 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Matthew 8: 1-4

Jesus is willing to heal a leper

1) The confident request
2) The compassionate answer
3) The full recovery

2020-01-26 PMBr. Ron Kleefman
Passage: LD 41

God teaches us through Scripture and the 7th commandment about:
1) The challenge and freedom of one
2) The blessing and calling of two
3) The strength and aim of three

2020-01-26 AMBr. Alex deBoersap
Passage: Ephesians 2: 1-10

God has made us alive in Christ Jesus!
1) We ounce were dead in sin
2) But we have been raised up
3) And recreated for good works

2020-01-19 PMBr. Tom Boeve
Passage: Joel 2: 30-32

The Coming Day of the Lord

2020-01-19 AMBr. John Moesker
Passage: Proverbs 27:7

The Spiritual appetite

1) Sweet and bitter taste
2) A full appetite
3) A hungry appetite

2020-01-12 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: LD 40

The sixth commandment: getting to the root of murder
1) Get rid of anger
2) Love your neighbour

2020-01-12 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Mathew 3: 13 - 17

God the Father prepares his Son for ministry:
1) The need for Jesus' baptism
2) The meaning of Jesus' baptism

2020-01-05 PMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Lord's Day 39

The fifth commandment: God's way to a long life.

1) The commandment
2) The promise

2020-01-05 AMPastor Iwan Borst
Passage: Matthew 3: 1-12

Get ready for the coming of the King:

1) The preacher
2) The warning
3) The great King

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